Process Consultant

M/s KPMG was appointed as the Process Consultant on 23.10.2008

Process Consultant has been appointed for developing Model Bid Document for the R-APDRP Programme to help various Power Utilities in the Country in establishing IT enabled infrastructure under Part A of the Restructured APDRP. The role of a process consultant includes:

• To convert ‘System Requirement Specification’ (SRS) document finalized by SRS committee into a biddable document for use by Utilities for establishing base line data collection system.
• To empanel / shortlisted following consultants / agencies after seeking RFQ proposal for use by Utilities for Part-A of the R-APDRP

                                        • IT-Consultants for assistance in preparation of bid documents and implementation.
                                        • IT-Implementing agencies for implementing the IT related scheme.

•  The process consultant shall help PFC to develop the methodology for establishing base line data system.
• To shortlist and appoint Third Party Independent Evaluation Agencies (TPIEAs) on behalf of Ministry of Power to establish Base line Data system; verify base line AT & C loss figures, completion of Part-A projects an subsequent yearly AT & C loss figures as directed by PFC / MoP.
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