Time of The Day (ToD) Consultant

M/s CPRI was appointed as the TOD Consultant on 06.09.2010
The Role of ToD Consultant:

* Time of the Day (TOD) metering is a technology that enables the implementation of time varying prices under which the price per unit of electricity varies according to the TOD tariff with higher rates at peak periods and low rates at off-peak periods. These time varying tariffs send price signals to consumers that reflect the underlying cost of generating, transmitting and supplying electricity, and enabling resources to be allocated more judiciously and efficiently. Furthermore, price based demand response can reduce or shape consumer demand particularly to reduce load at peak hours on the electricity system. Hence, TOD metering assumes importance in the context of propagating and implementing Demand Side Management (DSM) and achieving energy efficiency.

* The TOD Consultant shall study the TOD metering & tariff experiences in India (if any) and other countries, and further scope for implementation in various States and Union Territories of India inter alia including:

                                    i. Present Status of TOD Metering in Indian Power Distribution sector

                                   ii. Future Roadmap for Implementation of TOD Metering in India
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