Project Dashboard - Varanasi -Old Kashi Area
Objective: Strengthening of Urban Distribution Infrastructure Other than Old Kashi Area

Project Summary
Main Components of work  (Rs. 432 Cr.)
New 33/11 kV Substation :
Augmentation of 33/11 kV S/s : 16
HT Underground Cabling (Km) : 163
Augmentation of HT Lines : 126 Km
Augmentation of LT Lines : 400 Km
Distribution Transformers : 40

Impact Horizon (Varanasi town)
Population : 12,83,601 
No. of Consumers : 2,84,583
Baseline AT&C Loss(%) : 42.64
• Stringent timelines and challenges to work in densely populated Old Kashi area
Milestone achieved:
• 53.411 Km roads handed over to VMC
• U/G cabling 575 Km, service connection wiring - 218,97, service connection -100,24
• Capacity building enhancement of Kabir Nagar (1x10 MVA), Bhelupur (3x10 MVA) charged on load, Machhodari (1x10) & Alaipur (2x10 MVA) charged on no load
Key upcoming Milestones:
• New S/S Kajjakpura commissioning

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