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Review, Planning & Monitoring (RPM) meeting of Ministry of Power held on 18 and 19 Jan 2024 at New Delhi         DPR templates and Model SBDs added under RDSS tab         
Hon'ble Minister of State for Power unveiled the IPDS calendar 2020 during the RPM meeting on 09-Jan-2020 Hon'ble Minister of State for Power unveiled the IPDS calendar 2020 during the RPM meeting on 09-Jan-2020 SCADA Workshop on Best Practices organised under IPDS  on 24-Oct-2019 ED (IPDS) presenting the status of IPDS during the Power Ministers Conference at Narmada, Gujarat on 11-Oct-2019 Visit of CMD, PFC along with Directors, PFC at 33/11 Kv PSS Balicha,  Udaipur on 03-Mar-2019  Visit of CMD, PFC along with Directors, PFC at 33/11 Kv PSS Balicha, Udaipur on 03-Mar-2019 Inauguration of Peer Learning Workshop held on 19-Dec-2018 at New Delhi CMD, PFC and ED (IPDS), PFC in discussion with Discoms during IPDS Project Monitoring Workshop held on 12-Nov-2018 CMD, PFC addressing the Feeder Managers during Feeder Manager Workshop on 29-Sep-2018 CMD, PFC addressing the Stakeholders during CONNECT Workshop held on 03-Aug-2018 Hon'ble Minister of State for Power in discussion with States during RPM meeting on 12-Feb-2018 Inaugration of Feeder Managers Workshop held on 18-20 Jan 2018 at Kodaikanal Joint Secretary (Distribution) , Ministry of Power addressing the Feeder Managers during Feeder Manager Workshop on 18-Jan-2018 Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi reviews Underground cabling work done under IPDS in Kabir Nagar, Varanasi Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi discussing about IPDS with School Kids of Kabir Nagar, Varanasi
Project Management Agency
S.No.State NameUtility NameProject Management AgencyAppointment Date
1 Andaman & Nicobar Islands AN-Discom REC Power Distribution Company Limited02-May-2017
2 Andhra Pradesh APEPDCL PFC Consulting Limited18-May-2015
3 Andhra Pradesh APSPDCL PFC Consulting Limited12-Jun-2015
4 Arunachal Pradesh Arunachal-PD REC Power Distribution Company Limited23-Jan-2017
5 Assam APDCL BIECCO LAWRIE Limited23-Feb-2016
6 Assam APDCL National Power Training Institute15-Dec-2018
7 Bihar NBPDCL Rodic Consultants Pvt. Limited29-Jan-2016
8 Bihar SBPDCL Rodic Consultants Pvt. Limited25-Jan-2016
9 Chandigarh Chandigarh-ED  
10 Chhattisgarh CSPDCL REC Power Distribution Company Limited26-Mar-2015
11 Dadra and Nagar Haveli DNHPDCL  
12 Delhi BRPL  
13 Delhi BYPL  
14 Delhi NDMC WAPCOS Limited23-Sep-2016
15 Delhi TPDDL  
16 Goa Goa-PD PFC Consulting Limited30-Oct-2017
17 Gujarat DGVCL Electrical Research & Development Association05-Mar-2016
18 Gujarat MGVCL Feedback Infra Pvt.Limited06-May-2015
19 Gujarat PGVCL Electrical Research & Development Association03-Dec-2015
20 Gujarat UGVCL Electrical Research & Development Association05-Jan-2016
21 Haryana DHBVNL Electrical Research & Development Association28-Nov-2015
22 Haryana UHBVNL Electrical Research & Development Association28-Nov-2015
23 Himachal Pradesh HPSEBL WAPCOS Limited09-Sep-2015
24 Jammu & Kashmir JKPDD WAPCOS Limited28-Sep-2016
25 Jammu & Kashmir JKPDD WAPCOS Limited02-Jul-2016
26 Jharkhand JBVNL Mecon Limited29-Sep-2015
27 Karnataka BESCOM REC Power Distribution Company Limited15-Apr-2015
28 Karnataka CESCOM REC Power Distribution Company Limited24-Jun-2015
29 Karnataka GESCOM REC Power Distribution Company Limited27-Jun-2015
30 Karnataka HESCOM REC Power Distribution Company Limited03-Jul-2015
31 Karnataka MESCOM REC Power Distribution Company Limited22-Sep-2015
32 Kerala CPT Kitco Limited31-Aug-2016
33 Kerala KSEBL Electrical Research & Development Association19-Mar-2016
34 Madhya Pradesh MPMKVVCL-C PFC Consulting Limited08-Jan-2015
35 Madhya Pradesh MPMKVVCL-C REC Power Distribution Company Limited08-Jan-2015
36 Madhya Pradesh MPPKVVCL-E Kalash Energy & Infra Pvt. Limited22-Mar-2016
37 Madhya Pradesh MPPKVVCL-E Feedback Infra Pvt.Limited06-Apr-2016
38 Madhya Pradesh MPPKVVCL-E S G S India Pvt. Limited22-Mar-2016
39 Madhya Pradesh MPPKVVCL-W Feedback Infra Pvt.Limited22-Nov-2015
40 Madhya Pradesh MPPKVVCL-W Feedback Infra Pvt.Limited22-Nov-2015
41 Maharashtra BEST ICRA Management Services Limited23-Jan-2017
42 Maharashtra MSEDCL Alia Consulting Solutions Pvt.Limited27-Oct-2015
43 Manipur Manipur-PD REC Power Distribution Company Limited29-Feb-2016
44 Meghalaya MePDCL REC Power Distribution Company Limited09-Mar-2017
45 Mizoram Mizoram-PD Eternity Partners LLP09-Nov-2016
46 Nagaland Nagaland-PD WAPCOS Limited09-Aug-2016
47 Odisha CESU Central Power Research Institute31-Mar-2015
48 Odisha NESCO National Power Training Institiute31-Mar-2015
49 Odisha SOUTHCO Mecon Limited31-Mar-2015
50 Odisha WESCO National Power Training Institiute31-Mar-2015
51 Puducherry Puducherry-PD PFC Consulting Limited11-Dec-2017
52 Punjab PSPCL Medhaj Techno Concept Pvt.Limited31-Aug-2015
53 Rajasthan AJVVNL Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP25-Aug-2015
54 Rajasthan AJVVNL Medhaj Techno Concept Pvt.Limited08-May-2017
55 Rajasthan JaVVNL Feedback Infra Pvt.Limited26-May-2017
56 Rajasthan JaVVNL WAPCOS Limited04-Mar-2015
57 Rajasthan JaVVNL Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP25-Aug-2015
58 Rajasthan JoVVNL Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP25-Aug-2015
59 Rajasthan JoVVNL WAPCOS Limited13-Mar-2015
60 Rajasthan JoVVNL Medhaj Techno Concept Pvt.Limited16-Mar-2017
61 Sikkim Sikkim-PD WAPCOS Limited08-Oct-2015
62 Tamil Nadu TANGEDCO WAPCOS Limited23-Feb-2017
63 Telangana TSNPDCL REC Power Distribution Company Limited21-May-2016
64 Telangana TSSPDCL REC Power Distribution Company Limited20-Feb-2016
65 Tripura TSECL N_ARC Consulting22-Feb-2016
66 Uttar Pradesh DVVNL Electrical Research & Development Association09-Nov-2015
67 Uttar Pradesh KESCO REC Transmission Projects Company Limited14-Dec-2015
68 Uttar Pradesh MVVNL Medhaj Techno Concept Pvt.Limited02-Nov-2015
69 Uttar Pradesh PaVVNL REC Power Distribution Company Limited12-Jan-2015
70 Uttar Pradesh PoVVNL Medhaj Techno Concept Pvt.Limited14-Oct-2015
71 Uttarakhand UPCL Medhaj Techno Concept Pvt.Limited30-Dec-2015
72 West Bengal CESC PFC Consulting Limited18-Jan-2016
73 West Bengal DPL REC Power Distribution Company Limited16-Apr-2016
74 West Bengal WBSEDCL REC Power Distribution Company Limited21-Feb-2015
75 West Bengal WBSEDCL PFC Consulting Limited21-Feb-2015
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