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Review, Planning & Monitoring (RPM) meeting of Ministry of Power held on 05 Aug 2022 at New Delhi         DPR templates and Model SBDs added under RDSS tab         System strengthening projects are completed in more than 500 circles across India under IPDS         
Hon'ble Minister of State for Power unveiled the IPDS calendar 2020 during the RPM meeting on 09-Jan-2020 Hon'ble Minister of State for Power unveiled the IPDS calendar 2020 during the RPM meeting on 09-Jan-2020 SCADA Workshop on Best Practices organised under IPDS  on 24-Oct-2019 ED (IPDS) presenting the status of IPDS during the Power Ministers Conference at Narmada, Gujarat on 11-Oct-2019 Visit of CMD, PFC along with Directors, PFC at 33/11 Kv PSS Balicha,  Udaipur on 03-Mar-2019  Visit of CMD, PFC along with Directors, PFC at 33/11 Kv PSS Balicha, Udaipur on 03-Mar-2019 Inauguration of Peer Learning Workshop held on 19-Dec-2018 at New Delhi CMD, PFC and ED (IPDS), PFC in discussion with Discoms during IPDS Project Monitoring Workshop held on 12-Nov-2018 CMD, PFC addressing the Feeder Managers during Feeder Manager Workshop on 29-Sep-2018 CMD, PFC addressing the Stakeholders during CONNECT Workshop held on 03-Aug-2018 Hon'ble Minister of State for Power in discussion with States during RPM meeting on 12-Feb-2018 Inaugration of Feeder Managers Workshop held on 18-20 Jan 2018 at Kodaikanal Joint Secretary (Distribution) , Ministry of Power addressing the Feeder Managers during Feeder Manager Workshop on 18-Jan-2018 Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi reviews Underground cabling work done under IPDS in Kabir Nagar, Varanasi Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi discussing about IPDS with School Kids of Kabir Nagar, Varanasi
List of Statutory Towns as per Census 2011 :- "Bihar" All India Summary Export to
1 ArariaJogabani (NP)
2 Forbesganj (Nagar Parishad)
3 Araria (Nagar Parishad)
4 ArwalArwal (Nagar Parishad)
5 AurangabadDaudnagar (NP)
6 Rafiganj (NP)
7 Aurangabad (Nagar Parishad)
8 Nabinagar (NP)
9 BankaAmarpur (NP)
10 Banka (NP)
11 BegusaraiBarauni (Nagar Parishad)
12 Teghra (NP)
13 Bihat (Nagar Parishad)
14 Begusarai (M Corp.)
15 Bakhri (NP)
16 Balia (NP)
17 BhagalpurNaugachhia (NP)
18 Colgong (NP)
19 Sultanganj (Nagar Parishad)
20 Bhagalpur (M Corp.)
21 BhojpurShahpur (NP)
22 Arrah (M Corp.)
23 Koilwar (NP)
24 Behea (NP)
25 Jagdishpur (NP)
26 Piro (NP)
27 BuxarDumraon (Nagar Parishad)
28 Buxar (Nagar Parishad)
29 DarbhangaDarbhanga (M Corp.)
30 Benipur (Nagar Parishad)
31 GayaTikari (NP)
32 Gaya (M Corp. + OG)
33 Sherghati (NP)
34 Bodh Gaya (NP)
35 GopalganjKataiya (NP)
36 Mirganj (NP)
37 Gopalganj (Nagar Parishad)
38 Barauli (NP)
39 JamuiJamui (Nagar Parishad)
40 Jhajha (NP)
41 Jehanabad Jehanabad (Nagar Parishad)
42 Makhdumpur (NP)
43 Kaimur (Bhabua)Bhabua (Nagar Parishad)
44 KatiharKatihar (M Corp. + OG)
45 Manihari (NP)
46 KhagariaKhagaria (Nagar Parishad)
47 Gogri Jamalpur (NP)
48 KishanganjThakurganj (NP)
49 Bahadurganj (NP)
50 Kishanganj (Nagar Parishad)
51 LakhisaraiBarahiya (NP)
52 Lakhisarai (Nagar Parishad)
53 MadhepuraMadhepura (Nagar Parishad)
54 Murliganj (NP)
55 MadhubaniJainagar (NP)
56 Madhubani (Nagar Parishad)
57 Jhanjharpur (NP)
58 Ghoghardiha (NP)
59 MungerMunger (M Corp.)
60 Jamalpur (Nagar Parishad)
61 Kharagpur (NP)
62 MuzaffarpurSahebganj (NP)
63 Motipur (NP)
64 Kanti (NP)
65 Muzaffarpur (M Corp.)
66 NalandaBiharsharif (M Corp.)
67 Hilsa (Nagar Parishad)
68 Islampur (NP)
69 Rajgir (NP)
70 Silao (NP)
71 NawadaNawada (Nagar Parishad)
72 Warisaliganj (NP)
73 Hisua (NP)
74 Rajauli (NP)
75 Pashchim ChamparanRamnagar (NP)
76 Narkatiaganj (Nagar Parishad)
77 Bagaha (Nagar Parishad)
78 Chanpatia (NP)
79 Bettiah (Nagar Parishad)
80 PatnaManer (NP)
81 Dinapur Nizamat (Nagar Parishad)
82 Dinapur Cantonment (CB)
83 Khagaul (Nagar Parishad)
84 Patna (M Corp. + OG)
85 Phulwari Sharif (Nagar Parishad)
86 Bihta (NP)
87 Naubatpur (NP)
88 Bikram (NP)
89 Masaurhi (Nagar Parishad)
90 Fatwah (NP)
91 Khusrupur (NP)
92 Bakhtiarpur (NP)
93 Barh (Nagar Parishad)
94 Mokameh (Nagar Parishad)
95 Purba ChamparanRaxaul Bazar (Nagar Parishad)
96 Sugauli (NP)
97 Dhaka (NP)
98 Motihari (Nagar Parishad)
99 Areraj (NP)
100 Kesaria (NP)
101 Chakia (NP)
102 Pakri Dayal (NP)
103 Madhuban (NP)
104 Mehsi (NP)
105 PurniaBanmankhi Bazar (NP)
106 Purnia (M Corp.)
107 Kasba (NP)
108 RohtasKoath (NP)
109 Bikramganj (NP)
110 Nasriganj (NP)
111 Nokha (NP)
112 Sasaram (Nagar Parishad)
113 Dehri (Nagar Parishad)
114 SaharsaSaharsa (Nagar Parishad)
115 SamastipurSamastipur (Nagar Parishad + OG)
116 Dalsinghsarai (NP)
117 Rosera (NP)
118 SaranRevelganj (NP)
119 Chapra (Nagar Parishad)
120 Marhaura (NP)
121 Dighwara (NP)
122 Sonepur (NP)
123 SheikhpuraBarbigha (NP)
124 Sheikhpura (Nagar Parishad)
125 SheoharSheohar (NP)
126 SitamarhiBairgania (NP)
127 Belsand (NP)
128 Sitamarhi (Nagar Parishad)
129 Dumra (NP)
130 Janakpur Road (NP)
131 SiwanSiwan (Nagar Parishad) WARD NO.-0001
132 Maharajganj (NP)
133 Mairwa (NP)
134 SupaulNirmali (NP)
135 Birpur (NP)
136 Supaul (Nagar Parishad)
137 VaishaliLalganj (NP)
138 Hajipur (Nagar Parishad)
139 Mahnar Bazar (NP)
  Source: Census of India 2011
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